Wednesday, December 8, 2010

mangering self

first mangering self
second mangering self
third mangering self

my hip hop hippo vis lang

I learnt that when you use bright and bold colors It stands out more.
Next time I would color all 1 way.
I did my hippo well.

Quiddage writing

La soupers was the business I was in. It was me ,Maddy,Luce and Zia. we made taste tingly soup and soft mouth watering bread .

In one week we made 10,000 snidges or that what I heard. We made lots of money because we had good price and great veg soup.Our prices are : 10 and 20 and 40 singes for bread 10 for a small 20 for a median and 40 for a large. soup s50.We got lots of awesome feed back.

I really enjoy working In or business. It was so amazing.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Bang! I got in to the finals for hurdles . And this is the story of how I did what I did ...

We got in groups for the the hurdles '' 5 people in a group,'' said Mr Bron ''girls first no time to waste''.
I got in to a group my heart pounding I was so so nervous [ at this time I did not know I was going to get in to the finals] .

On your marks get set good luck go and we were off The bang was so loud it was like a boom louder than any other boom . All I could think about is run jump run jump every time I would jump.

I passed the finish line 2ND and got a lovely light blue rod and was sent back down to race again. On you marks get set go we were off again we did this until we got to the finals.

And thats the story of the girls 10 and 11 year old hurdles races .